An IT consultancy and support provider specializing in small businesses that mainly use Apple computers and handheld devices (Mac OS X and iOS). This includes businesses in the publishing and print industries, the entertainment industry as well as charities and educational organisations.

The business grew over 15 years purely through recommendations, never having to advertise or actively seek new clients. Our clients include high profile international celebrities like Robbie Williams and well known design houses like Airside.

We do not act as resellers for any vendor, leaving us free to recommend the best solutions, balancing features and costs.

IT support is very much a personal service where technical knowledge is only part of the job. Interpersonal skills and being able to explain complex issues without jargon and buzzwords are equally important. We believe that these values have helped us maintain a respectable list of clients, most of which have been with us for 5 or more years, some for more than 10 years. We now support clients in several worldwide locations including London, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles and Chicago.