Web Sites

We develop and host web sites using a variety of tools, including Drupal 7. Below are some examples of web sites we created. We can create online product catalogues, image libraries, e-commerce, user forums, file exchange systems and more. Email us for a quote.

By using content management systems (CMS) we enable our customers to edit their own web sites, create new menus and pages, add and remove products and much more. This gives the customers freedom and lets them make sure their web site is never out-of-date.

The sites include social networks integration - 'Like' and 'Share' buttons, Twitter feeds, RSS and more. We use Google Analytics and provide various SEO facilities including XML sitemaps. 

SCUBA Magazine

SCUBA magazine

SCUBA is the official magazine of Britain's biggest diving club, the British Sub-Aqua Club.

The site was created using Drupal 7 and needed to include a tweeter feed and to allow editors to enter new stories without any training.

Cleaner Products

Cleaner Products

Cleaner Products needed a web site that included teasers and slideshows on the home page as well as various social network links. The site was created using Drupal 7 and includes a user friendly CMS, enabling staff to add products and services as well as special offers and promos.

ACE London

A simple site for the ACE London education project. Drupal proved an effective way to produce a web site that can be easily expanded in the future.