The Team

We have a small team of dedicated experts, ready to help and eager to overcome new challenges. Available around the clock, 365 days a year, we work on-site or remotely to resolve any IT issues quickly.

Ofir Gal


On-site London area and remote support

With a long track record that includes manning a phone helpline, working as technical editor and columnist and running a college Mac network… Ofir has a wide range of expertise, including OS X client and server, Kerio Connect, iOS, FileMaker, Drupal, DNS, mail servers and more.

Rob Riley

On-site London and remote support

Rob is well versed with both Macs and PCs and has worked as head of IT for Rose Bruford College before joining our team. He is also a FileMaker expert and a keen user of the iLife and Apple Pro Apps range. Recently Rob setup a cross-platform AfterFX and Maya render farm for airside’s London studios where he also takes care of several servers and a wide range of desktop and laptop computers.

Bruce Nachsin


On-site LA area and remote support

Bruce has a varied practical background in many different technologies, including but not limited to Mac OS X, Windows, MS Office, hardware troubleshooting and support. He is an accomplished slayer of viruses and spy-ware and is excellent at troubleshooting various networking, hardware, and application issues. Personally, Bruce is patient and a great choice for someone looking to learn a little bit during their appointment.

Lior Gal


Remote Support

Lior is a Microsoft Exchange expert. Recently he managed a project involving the setup of mail servers for a large ISP with nearly 500,000 email accounts, working closely with Microsoft. He is also familiar with Windows Server software and has setup several servers for our clients, one of which holds our record for server uptime without failures – 7 years! In 2011 Lior was in charge of virtualising the server which nows runs under Parallels Server for Mac.